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Soul Session

45 min



In a soul session, like a psychic reading, the focus is you, but on a different level than a traditional psychic reading. We look at your core essence so you can better understand your strengths, potentials, blocks and areas for growth. A session should catalyze insights and shift understanding. Often, clients are given homework in order to anchor and build a new understanding.

Close up of calm young Caucasian woman hold hands on heart chest feeling grateful and thankful

Customized Meditation

(Optional Add On)

Mature woman sitting comfortably in her home doing a guided meditation

Occasionally during a Soul Session it feels right to help clients envision their future selves. A 15 minute recording created after the session will lead clients through a customized meditation that addresses their unique situation. Allow 24 hours for the recording and instructions to be delivered via email.

This is only an add-on for a Soul Session, single use meditations are not available at this time.

Soul Mentorship

Book A Soul Session 3 Pack.

Often after a Soul Session, clients would like to follow-up with another few sessions. It's recommended all sessions occur within a 10-12 week period.

Phone Session

  • 3 Pack

    3 pack of 30 minute soul sessions
    Valid for 3 months
  • Best Value

    3 pack

    3 pack of 45 minute soul sessions
    Valid for 3 months
  • 6 Pack

    6 pack of 45 minute soul sessions
    Valid for 6 months
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What to Expect

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for your first session.

Hand Writing

Session Policies

Please review my disclaimer, terms of service and cancellation policy before booking.

Quotes From The Annex

“I turned to Anne when I was facing a challenging time with my daughter and wondering what my role is as the parent of an older teen.  Her wisdom and insight was instructive, and calming.  I re-read the guidance  often and each time find deeper and deeper meaning"

- C.S., Massachusetts

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