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Mediumship Readings

30 min



A mediumship reading can be a truly special, healing experience, enabling those in the spirit world to communicate with us here on the physical plane. Mediumship entails a three-way communication between a departed soul, myself as the interpreter, and you, the sitter, so it is helpful if you are able to maintain an open mind and heart going into the session. I trust that spirit will orchestrate an experience for our highest and best good, which includes who comes through and the messages they want to convey.

Two butterflies flutter in a sunbeam between two hands representing spiritual mediumship and soul to soul communication

Service Details

Online Consultation

In my experience, mediumship readings are most powerful if we can see each other (i.e. via Zoom). However, if you prefer not to be seen we can do the reading either with your camera off or via phone. For our mutual safety in the internet age, please know I do not allow these sessions to be recorded on camera. If it is important to you to record, I will suggest an alternative in our session. If you do not have Zoom, please let me know that in your inquiry, and we will make an arrangement.

African american woman closes her eyes in meditation

What to Expect

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for your first session.

Hand Writing

Session Policies

Please review my disclaimer, terms of service and cancellation policy before booking.

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Quotes from The Annex

"Through Anne, I connected with my grandmother – not the grandmother I think of often – but the one who has been quietly looking out for me.  I was touched so deeply by this.  It is so reassuring to know that I have a 'team' out there rooting for me and supporting me."

- C.S., Massachusetts

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