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I currently offer 3 types of spiritual mentorship & mediumship service. Soul Sessions take place via phone and Mediumship readings occur on Zoom. (If you would like to request a different accommodation, please contact me). Letter from Your Soul is a document sent via email.

What to Expect

In Soul Sessions, my preferred way to work is get on the phone together and let your soul lead. I get a sense of your essential self and translate you to you, basically. Sessions may include looking at your personal evolution and life lessons, healing work, and assigning homework, but will always involve a lively discussion and joyful connection.


During Mediumship readings on Zoom, I sense your loved ones in spirit and help them communicate their essence and messages for you. Please know that while you may wish to hear from someone in particular, it is my experience that spirit brings through those in service of your highest and best good in the moment. So, do come with an open heart and open mind. It is a three-way communication, so your positive attitude helps the connection.

A woman sits with her back looking out over a large valley as she meditates

How to Prepare for A Session

I recommend you come into sessions with an open mind, with the intention of receiving, learning and listening in perhaps a slightly different way. Soul and ego express themselves through different languages and resonances, and this could be an opportunity to experience yourself differently. It is also enormously beneficial to spend even just a few minutes quieting yourself before we meet.

Additional Guidelines

While you certainly can bring a companion with you or have them listen in on the call, please note that soul work is a private and sacred thing - and there is always the risk that a spirit may have more to say to your friend than you, so consider it carefully. 


Please note that the spiritual realm has its own agenda for your highest and best good, and that no seer can control who or what comes through. While rare, sometimes there is not a strong connection, in which case I'll end the session after 10 minutes. We can try again another time or I'll refund you.


Read my full cancellation and session policies here.

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I am always happy to have a brief phone chat prior to booking a session to answer any questions or address any concerns. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

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