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Letter From Your Soul


Written Document

Soul letters are approximately two pages of inspired writing in response to clients’ specific questions. Instructions are given to help clients choose the best phrasing of questions for a satisfying soul response.

Clients enjoy reading and re-reading these supportive, clarifying missives, and often remark the meanings deepen and change with time.

Please allow 5 days for delivery.

An olive skinned woman smiles as she reads her Letter From Her Soul from Anne Adea

Service Details

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These readings are are sent by email only, and are based on 3 questions the client submits in advance. I highly recommend a brief phone consult prior to submitting your questions, to ensure you frame your questions to get full answers. For example, if you ask, "Should I go to art school?" The answer might simply be "no". Instead, you might ask, "What do I need to know in order best fulfill my desire to express myself artistically?"

(You will be prompted before booking to schedule your optional phone consultation).

Further Guidelines

To avoid disappointment, please note that readings can only be for and about the person that requests them. The team will not discuss anyone else's journey. For example, if you ask about someone you are dating, they will only focus on your growth within the context of relationship, not what the other person is thinking.

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What to Expect

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for your first session.

Hand Writing

Session Policies

Please review my disclaimer, terms of service and cancellation policy before booking.

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Quotes From The Annex

"My experiences with Anne have been transformative. I have looked at and addressed lifelong patterns that I have ignored, misunderstood, and avoided. It has opened my ability to forgive myself and others and so much more."
- M.C., Massachusetts
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