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Meet Anne

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About Me

A life-long sensitive and writer, after earning graduate degrees in literature and creative writing, I spent many years combining my love of teaching with my perceptive abilities to help university students access their authentic voice and creative vision. Helping people tell their stories has always been a passion, whether as a teacher, coach, ghost writer or editor. What was meant to be a hiatus to care for a family member became a surprising new chapter of life, in which my own profound spiritual development was catalyzed and others began to seek my guidance and mentorship. I am humbled and deeply grateful to be able to do this work.

I have been practicing meditation for nearly three decades and have taught my approach to both groups and individuals; every day it is a different experience of exploration and discovery and is an essential part of staying healthy for me. I am endlessly curious, and am always eager to read and learn.


Apart from a years of deep training in spiritual mediumship and psychism, I have taken dozens of metaphysical courses on everything from distance healing to card interpretation – all of which has challenged and informed my ability as a seer. Movement of any kind is a daily pleasure, and now that my children are older, I am discovering hiking. I have served on the boards of and consulted to several educational institutions in the US and abroad.

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Training & Experience

I have been serving individuals with soul-to-soul communication since 2016. I have studied with many excellent teachers over the years, most significantly, 3 years of  intensive work with Phillip Dykes and Kerry McLeod of The Spirit and Soul Foundation, UK. I am deeply grateful for their guidance and support and the community they have built.


Some of the places and teachers I have with trained over the years:

  • The Journey Within, New Jersey, USA (Tony Stockwell)

  • Soul Space, UK ( online, Tony Stockwell)

  • The Arthur Findlay College, UK (Julie Grist, Sally Barnes, Kitty Woud)

  • Omega Institute, New York. USA (James Van Praagh)

  • The Monroe Institute, Virginia, USA

  • The Arthur Conan Doyle Center (online, David Schiesser)

  • Trance Healing with Andrej Djordjevitch

  • Sharon Harvey

  • Scott Milligan

  • Lauren Rainbow

Spiritual development is never done, and I continue to seek out opportunities to learn, grow and refine my skills. While I have focused my training on psychic mediumship, I am also trained and continue to train in trance states and distance healing.

In Gratitude

I am indebted to the wisdom and experience of every one of my many teachers over the years, whether our paths crossed for a week, months or years.


Julie Grist made a big impression by setting a high standard when I first started training. Thank you to Tony Stockwell for his generosity and inspirational service philosophy, and Andrej Djordjevitch for keeping it beautifully simple. James Van Praagh and Gordon Smith are models of keeping it fun. Thank you to The Journey Within, New Jersey, USA and The Arthur Findlay College, UK and the Monroe Institute, Virginia, USA.

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Read My Blog

Visit The Annex Blog for more resources! I will be posting recommendations for further reading, as well as sharing more about what I have learned from my past experiences, teachers and clients as a spiritual medium and advisor.

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