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Soul to Soul  Communication 

Welcome! I'm Anne, and this is my virtual home. I am a highly trained spiritual medium and advisor, committed to using my abilities to promote healing and understanding. I am dedicated to the positive evolution of everyone I work with in this sacred task.

A woman in an open field, a butterfly flutters above her shoulder about to land

Welcome to The Annex

Anne Adea, Spiritual Mentor, Seer & Psychic Medium

Since childhood, I have had a unique awareness of extra sources of information. I like to think of myself simply as a translator and a consultant. Following a career in higher ed, I have been committed to utilize my abilities to help others connect with their own awareness of infinite intelligence, their essential selves and their loved ones in spirit.

Why Do You Call It The Annex?

For a long time clients would refer others to me saying, just go have the “Anne experience,” the “Anne-Ex”.


Naturally, then, I moved my office into a building called The Annex. So it follows that my virtual home is called the Annex, too.

I have practiced and taught my own style of meditation for close to thirty years and have designed courses on intuitive development, spiritual growth and altering belief templates. I am honored to do this sacred work, and humbled by every opportunity to bridge the seen and unseen.

A small woman in a large white room stares up questioningly

The Anne Experience

"...Her encouragement guides individuals safely into vulnerability and heart healing, led by her own ability and willingness to be authentic and vulnerable..."
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