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Consulations & Healings

“I turned to Anne when I was facing a challenging time with my daughter and wondering what my role is as the parent of an older teen.  Her wisdom and insight was instructive, and calming.  I re-read the guidance  often and each time find deeper and deeper meaning" -CS, MA.

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Consulations & Healings

My preferred way of working is to simply get together with clients in person or on the phone and see what your soul's priority is for your personal curriculum and evolution. This can mean I connect with your deceased loved ones or other helpers on your spirit team. It can mean assessing your energetic system for information and healing. It can mean all of the above. I like to let your soul "drive the bus," so to speak. Regardless of what occurs, our time always involves a lively discussion and joyful connection. 

While you certainly can bring a companion with you or have them listen in on the call, please note that soul work is a private and sacred thing - and there is always the risk that spirit may have more to say to your friend than you, so consider it carefully. 


Please note that the spiritual realm has its own agenda for your highest and best good, and that no seer can control who or what comes through. Come into the session with an open mind and heart and be ready to listen and take notes. While rare, sometimes there is not a strong connection, in which case I'll end the session after 10 minutes. We can try again another time or I'll refund you.

I am always happy to have a brief phone chat prior to booking a session to answer any questions or address any concerns. Please let me know in the contact email if you would like to do so.

Finally, it is enormously beneficial to spend some time in quiet reflection right before we meet, setting an intention for yourself, and calming your mind to be more receptive.

Cost: $75 for 45-60 minutes 

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Soul Consultation

A Written Document

Many individuals, at some point, have asked themselves: Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Where am I headed? Why do I keep creating the same problems?  We are at a point in our evolution when we feel called to seek answers to these types of questions from within instead of from authority figures.


Like pioneers exploring new lands, we are here to learn to expand both creative energy and our understanding of love. A soul consultation creates a deeply personal written document regarding your individual journey. In response to your 3 questions, I channel the wisdom of a group of master teachers, who can translate your soul’s goals and desires to you. Many clients have described these written documents as life-changing texts, to which they refer regularly for guidance. Many have felt the love embedded in the words, and have described reading the texts as a profound energetic experience.

To avoid disappointment ,please note that readings can only be for and about the person that requests them. The team will not discuss anyone else's journey. For example, if you ask about someone you are dating, they will only focus on your growth within the context of relationship, not what the other person is thinking.

These readings are are sent by email only, and are based on 3 questions the client submits in advance. I highly recommend a brief phone consult prior to submitting your questions, to ensure you frame your questions to get full answers. For example, if you ask, "Should I go to art school?" The answer might simply be "no". Instead, you might ask, "What do I need to know in order best fulfill my desire to express myself artistically?" 


Allow 5-7 days  for turnaround.

Cost: $120

Starry Sky


As trauma researcher Bessel van der Bolk says, "The body keeps the score."  Simply being human accumulates stress, fear and grief in our systems. In this session, I will assess your energetic system and attempt to accelerate you own's body's natural healing abilities on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. In essence, I am working to bring you into vibrational resonance with your own natural rhythm.

If it is a phone session, please ensure you are in a quiet and comfortable place and will not be disturbed. It is beneficial to have some quiet time before and after the session as well. After a period of quiet meditation, we will discuss my findings. No meditation experience necessary.

Please note I am not a medical professional and these sessions are not a substitute for proper medical assessment or treatment.  This healing works in concert with medical care.

Single session : 30-40 minutes $60

3 sessions (as decided by client after the first session) $150